DRose Return Spoiled by Melo’s 43 pts as Bulls take 14th loss of the Season

This day started out like, “…YAY, Derrick Rose, our star player and reigning MVP is back in the Bulls lineup”, and was quickly followed up by a “Really?”

I kind of THOUGHT that Derrick’s return to the lineup, whenever it occurred, unless we were playing an opponent that was pure garbage, might just result in an “L”. Derrick changes the game so much and changes the opponents defensive schemes so much, I just thought there would need to be an adjustment period.

I must say, I would much rather Derrick start the adjustment period NOW vs. the Knicks vs. later in the week vs. Miami. I am predicting that the Bulls take both of those games… Just a hunch. They’ll need to get on the same page, but I think they get it done. Thursday will be the first game that we are facing them full strength so I can better evaluate our chances then. Anywho, onto today’s game vs. New York…

Game Notes:

  • Bulls got off to the slowest start I think of the season. Just the worst way you could ever think to start on the road. The Knicks led at one point 27-6. Just sickening lead.
  • They outscored the Bulls 31-19 at the end of the 1st.
  • Melo had a monster first quarter starting off blazing hot, hitting 5-5.
  • Derrick had a horrible 1st half. Went 0-5. I seriously thought he was going to end up with a bagel at the half, but he had 4 pts at halftime. He finished the game with 29 pts on 8-26 shooting… He did go 4-8 from three, so it was nice to see he still had nice lift on his jumper, especially from distance.
Derrick with the guns after getting fouled on a made three by Iman Shumpert in the 3Q.

  • Shumpert played Derrick as well as I’ve ever seen him played. He also seemed to pick him up full court the entire game.
  • Bulls would finally increase their defensive intensity, get some stops and wrestle the lead back from New York late in the third quarter.
  • The Bulls looked to be cruising to a hard fought win with a 10 pt. lead and approximately 3 minutes left.
  • Chandler’s activity at the rim was just insane. Even thought Melo got the points, they are not winning this game w/o Tyson. He got them so many extra possessions and ended up with TEN offensive rebounds. He can’t get this many when he comes to Chi-town.
  • New York started making shots, both Deng and Derrick missed crucial FT’s (both of them missed a PAIR), Melo made clutch three’s and the Bulls found themselves in OT.
  • Melo was the hero in OT by hitting a big three with 8 seconds left, putting the Knicks up 100-99.
  • The Bulls scrambled around on the last possession and couldn’t convert and ended up falling to New York by a point.

Sideline Skinny:

  • Jeremy Lin sat on the bench in a dark suit… He’s recovering from the torn meniscus surgery just performed on his knee
  • Amar’e warmed up in the shootaround, but did not play. He may be back for the game on Tuesday.
  • The 43 pts. that Carmelo scored was his most as a Knick

What’s Next?

  • New York Knicks at the United Center on Tuesday, 04.10… (WGN and ESPN at 8:30PM)
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