Bulls Drop Two in a Row After Folding Against Rockets

Well, that’s a record broken for the Bulls. This loss to the Rockets marks the first time the Bulls have lost back to back games since last February. Over a year ago!!! Aargh!!! The Rockets game reminded me of the contest between Portland and the Nuggets. These west teams have a lot at stake with the seeding and they are playing HARD. Just quick to loose balls, quicker to the ball. Quick decisions under the rim. Outside jumpers wet. Ready to run. Ready to pass. Easy baskets… I mean its just insane how the Rockets started dropping bombs on us.

Dragic made big defensive plays, getting steals and so forth. Courtney Lee made some BIG shots down the stretch. Budinger went 3-4 from three… They just killed the Bulls. Backbreaking plays. Chicago is already offensively anemic at times so to just allow a team to ring up the scoreboard like that just kills you. They wouldn’t recover and have to suffer their second loss in two days. Very unfamiliar territory for Chicago and I’m hoping that Derrick can come back soon…

What’s next?

Some time off thank goodness… Chicago doesn’t play again until Thursday, vs. Celtics (who are playing very well) at the United Center.

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