Oklahoma City Owns Bulls; Runs Team Back to Chicago after Blowout Loss

Whoa. Who saw that coming? The Bulls have been doing pretty well since Derrick had to sit with a severe groin pull/strain. Since the Chicago Bulls star has had to sit, starting with the game vs. the Miami Heat on 3/14, the Bulls have managed to go 7-2. I don’t think anyone expected that to happen. Bulls have looked very good and sharp in their wins too, so you kind of expected Chicago to really compete with OKC. Die hards like myself were secretly hoping for an upset… It was not to be.

OKC just DOMINATED the Bulls from the outset. First you thought that they were leaving players wide open because it was like OKC couldn’t miss. Then they play a replay of Deng up on KD and he’s just all over him… Hand in his face, moving his feet properly, etc. KD has a couple of inches on Deng so he just calmly takes a couple of dribbles and drops the shot off. Once you see how things were going you kinda say, great shot, great win Thunder.

Westbrook posterized Asik… He also played smart basketball with ZERO turnovers and good passes. He ended up right on his average at 5 assists. Also netted 27 pts and 4 steals. I mean it was literally the Oklahoma City Thunder at their best and the Chicago Bulls at their worst. We could NOT score. OKC basically put us away in the 3Q outscoring the Bulls 31-12. No way we could recover from that. The bench outscored them 27-12 in the 4th to make the score more respectable in the end. Thanks Benchmob! Best thing to do in this situation is to just move along.

Sideline Skinny

  • Both Boozer and Westbrook wore mics and ESPN played some of what the players were saying… Russ was heard saying that the team should “step on the Bulls throats” after gaining the big lead… Booz can be heard anyway so not sure why they mic’d him.
  • Derrick was seen hugging both Russ and KD after the game (he’s so respectful, even in a blowout loss).

What’s Next?

No rest. Back to Back! Contest tonight against the frisky Houston Rockets… Might be the best remedy against this loss.

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