Nuggets Ty Lawson Has Big Game as Bulls Fall Again At Home

Ahh, the highs and lows of being a Bulls fan… I must say that we experience many highs however and it feels silly to complain about a 38-11 record. Twenty-nine other teams in the league would die for this record…

The Nuggets are a high energy, highly potent offensive team. Their jumpshooters would have to be heavily contested in order for the Bulls to have a chance. The holes in the defense that appeared as mere cracks against Toronto in the last two games finally caught up the them. The Nugs were quicker to the ball, grabbed the 50/50 balls, made tough shots (open and contested) and just outran and outworked the Bulls.

C.J. continues to struggle in this role as starting PG… He committed 5 of the Bulls 16 turnovers and just seems to be playing hurt. He seems uninspired for the most part and what John Lucas lacks in playmaking ability, he makes up in sheer energy. Lucas nailed 4 three pointers in 19 minutes and tried to generate some offense for the Bulls, who seemed pretty lifeless in this one.  I’m worried about them heading down to Atlanta on Wednesday. The Hawks are playing pretty well. We’ll see…


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