Thibs Becomes Fastest Coach to 100 Wins with Record Setting Performance vs. Magic

Getty Images

Wow… Just wow. What a game from the Chicago Bulls! Holding the Orlando Magic to 59 points was an amazing feat. On their home floor no less. Wonder if this pounding made Dwight re-think his stay in Orlando? This team is perplexing and I know that it is said often, but they really do live and die by the three. They died a slow death vs. the Bulls on Monday. I mean, it was brutal. I think the Magic would do well to hire an offensive coordinator. They also need to be committed to re-posting Dwight instead of settling for the three. He also doesn’t always suck in a significant defense down there so players can still get back and close out on the perimeter shooters.

Asik played Dwight very well and his length bothered and frustrated Dwight. Lucas is inserted in the game near the end of the 1st and gets 9 pts. in 51 seconds. He really changed the game and gave the Bulls a much needed spark before the 2nd quarter.

Overall, it was just a TEAM win. Boozer had a nice offensive game, netting 24 pts. Just very active and we should applaud Booz for games like this. I’m still hoping he can put up similar numbers vs. a Miami or an OKC.

Next up for the Bulls: March 21st at Toronto Raptors

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