Bulls Follow Up Insane Win vs. Heat with a Loss to Portland

The Trailblazers have been stinking up arenas lately, so perhaps the Bulls underestimated them. Perhaps this is just the “bounce” win game effect that occurs from having a new coach. Or maybe this was just the classic “trap” game. Bulls HAD to be feeling themselves a little bit after beating the Miami Heat without the reigning MVP. Who knows?  All I know, is similar to the Orlando Magic loss that occurred after the thrill experienced from the Milwaukee buzzer beater the night before, I’m ok with this loss. Hate that it happened on our home floor, but it happens and the Bulls are still 36-10 afterwards. Twenty-nine other teams in the league would die for this record so, oh well.

I thought Kurt Thomas and Joel Przybilla talked a lot of trash in this game… Shame we don’t face them again this season. Portland was also aided by unbelievable, hot shooting in the 4th quarter. They would pull away from the Bulls and wouldn’t allow them back into the game.

Up next for the Bulls: Philadelphia 76ers come to the United Center on St. Patty’s Day…

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