Bulls Drop Embattled Knicks Squad and Hands NY 6th Loss in a Row

Well, well, well… What was supposed to roll into Chicago as a three-ring circus with plenty of momentum, ended up limping in, decidedly cooled off and on a 5-game losing streak. That would be the ESPN concoction called “Linsanity.” The Bulls smelled blood on the hardwood and happily handed the Knicks their 6th loss in a row.

Knicks battled the Bulls in this game and decided that they would play some defense. Lin even managed to block Derrick Rose as he took the ball to the rack. The Rose/Lin matchup wasn’t close, but you can’t say DRose was efficient by any means. He took way to many shots in the first half and I thought he was forcing the game. He did have a nasty, tomahawk dunk in the fourth which I believe might only be his second of the season.

Interestingly enough, there seems to be some tension between Lin and Carmelo. Carmelo had Jimmy Butler on the post and Lin didn’t get him the ball. He clapped his hands and scowled openly. Seems like the meshing process is going to take longer than usual and I’m sure the frustration of dropping five in a row is taking its toll.

Next up for the Bulls: Miami Heat at the UC. Oh yeah! Late tip off… 8:30P CST on ESPN

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