Rose Buzzer Beater Drops Bucks, Extends Bulls Win Streak to Eight

Wow, Derrick Rose is giving us breathtaking basketball. The Bulls team is also quietly still playing MUCH improved as a team. Think about it. Noah is averaging a double-double, Deng can certainly be counted on in the 4th quarter for a big bucket and Ronnie Brewer, while not always shooting the ball well, can be counted on to make a smart play. Boozer, even with all the criticism and inability to finish at the rim has shown an exceptional passing ability this season. I feel very good about the Bulls chances in the post season, even without Rip. This is no longer the Derrick Rose show, I just hope everyone stays healthy.

The Bucks game was the kind of game that you knew was gonna come down to the wire. Just seemed like both teams were shooting lights out (Bucks 48%, Bulls 52%), and anytime the Bulls don’t get stops early on, or force their opponents into turnovers, you realize they are playing down to their competition. They traded baskets and both teams just made big shot after big shot. Ersan Ilyasova was a BEAST for the Bucks, scoring 32 pts. Tough to contain the guy who just seemed to be perfectly positioned under the basket for a key putback and/or rebound.

Bulls playing yet ANOTHER back to back and on TNT no less, so lets get ready for the three ball show and DH12. At least they are coming into our house. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

Great win for Bulls and great night for the MVP. He without question was the NBA Nightly Notable. Enjoy!

Go Bulls!


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