Bulls Even Score with Philly, Vault Back to Top of NBA Power Rankings Lists

Bulls are looking good. Undefeated since the All-Star break (coupled with Miami’s recent slide), NBA community had no choice but to place the Bulls back on top.

Indiana back in the UC tonight… Derrick was annoyed with the Pacers level of celebration last time they played here. Is there some sort of professionalism code that teams must abide by when winning a road game? Derrick seems to think so. Let’s make it a season-high SEVEN in a row Bulls.


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2 Responses to Bulls Even Score with Philly, Vault Back to Top of NBA Power Rankings Lists

  1. tintinpusta says:

    Let’s celebrate! Almost had a heart attack again with last night’s game! That was a hard-earned win and Im proud that #Bulls had found a way to get the W over #PHI.. there were pretty missed calls on JoNo and CJ down under but well we had horribles refs again.. Thank u so much for sharing the links… Wow! twas really clear.. Ur da best!:D Excited for game later. I wanna see the reactions of Pacemakers este Pacers if they can still celebrate the way they celebrated at UC last time (per DRoSe)… so its a date later.. Take care and enjoy the rest of the day! Keepsafe:D

  2. chitownbulls says:

    You too lady! You gotta watch the later quarters of Chicago/Philly. Thibs was really riding Jo and Derrick turned and looked at him like, don’t worry, we got this. I know his teammates LOVE him. Also, I hope we step on the Pacers necks tonight and twist our feet… I am so sick of them…. Ugh!

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