Nets Pound Rose-less Bulls Snapping Losing Skid at 8

Wow. No one saw this coming. After the HUGE and retribution style win over Boston that highlighted superior rebounding by both Noah and Boozer, All Star play from Luol and great pick and roll basketball from Mike James, Bulls get absolutely pounded by the New Jersey Nets. To get an idea of what kind of massacre this was, the Nets were up in the first quarter, wait for it: 22-3. Brutal.

As a Bulls fan, it is concerning that we dropped this one. It looked like one of those games that came down to focus, energy, and intensity to start the game. Similar to the game we lost (with Derrick Rose) vs. the Atlanta Hawks, the Bulls just didn’t have it. That is understandable in a lockout season, however, what was not acceptable was letting Deron Williams go 5-9 from behind the 3pt. line. He ended up with 29 pts and 8 assists.

Another afternoon outing for the Bulls is coming up as soon as Monday. In this lockout season, the games simply do not stop coming. Perhaps the Bulls were already looking ahead to this game. Maybe they were feeling good about themselves after beating a pesky Boston team who really challenged them down the stretch. Who knows? I just know that we will need a more consistent, night in/night out effort from the whole team. Rip and Derrick continue to be day-to-day. We’ll see what happens with the Hawks on Monday. They are up and down as well.

Tough “L” for us to take, but take it we will and hopefully redemption will come soon.

Take care til’ next time!


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