Rondo Gets Triple Double As Celts Drop Bulls, Finish Road Trip 6-3

I missed most of this contest, not getting back home til’ the middle of the 3rd quarter. Obviously, based on the blog title, it should be well known by now that Derrick did NOT play.

I don’t have much to say since I usually don’t recap unless I’ve watched all 4Q of play, but it looked like the Bulls gave a good effort, just not enough to win the game. Boozer’s inability to get the ball to CJ in the closing moments doesn’t necessarily indicate a fail to me, but indicates a team who doesn’t have to think all that much at the end of tight games. Spoiled by playing alongside the MVP, the Bulls simply have grown comfortable with him making the right play. I will say that Noah would have shot that ball to Watson though.

Deng also, embarrassingly did not show up in this game. It prompted many basketball writers like Zach Lowe, John Hollinger and others to tweet about it, noting Rondo’s snub. Honestly I think Pierce being named instead of Josh Smith was a bigger crime, but oh well.

What’s Next?:

There is ALWAYS another game around the corner if a team is looking for redemption. This is how Bulls are looking between now and the All-Star break. 11 of the next 15 games are at home so we have a chance to rack up some wins:

February Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Tue 14 vs Kings

United Center, Chicago, IL
7:00 PM WCIU ESPN 1000/WRTO 1200
Thu 16 vs Celtics

United Center, Chicago, IL
7:00 PM TNT ESPN 1000/WRTO 1200
Sat 18 vs Nets

United Center, Chicago, IL
3:00 PM WGN ESPN 1000/WRTO 1200
Mon 20 vs Hawks

United Center, Chicago, IL
3:00 PM CSN-C ESPN ESPN 1000
Wed 22 vs Bucks

United Center, Chicago, IL
7:00 PM CSN-C ESPN 1000/WRTO 1200

Depending on which Atlanta Hawks team shows up the United Center, Bulls have the ability to “win-out” these next few games, heading into the break on 5 game win streak. If Derrick sits for a couple more games, then maybe we drop 1 and go 4-1. We’ll see.

I’ll do my best to preview and recap. Take care Bulls fans and remember we are 23-7, hello?


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2 Responses to Rondo Gets Triple Double As Celts Drop Bulls, Finish Road Trip 6-3

  1. tintinpusta says:

    Eventhough we lost to Celtics yesterday, I am still impressed with how the Bulls managed to get close to the game. I thought this will be a lopsided W when the Celtics started to stretch the lead but our guys Never Gave Up til the end. Deng’s got a rough game. His shots were not falling even the easy ones. JoNo’s a beast out there. And Booz oh well, I just hope that his YPG (yells per game) will be converted to defense. It really pains Rose not to play in a game like this. Seeing him in the sideline with that look, you already know what goes into his mind. Uhhm Rondo, he’s just lucky to have his triple-double, just as the saying “When the Cat is out, the Mouse will play!” Hoping for the best of health to Chicago Bulls. God bless.

  2. chitownbulls says:

    LOL at YPG (yells per game)!!! Yeah, Rondo KNOWS that triple double aint as sweet against a Rose-less Bulls squad, and if DRose is able to play on Thursday, I feel sorry for him…

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