Luol Deng Named An All-Star Reserve

I have been horrible about posting, I’m so sorry. This blog is really an “online diary” for me to look back on (hopefully) after we win the “big prize” at the end of the year. With that being said, I must mark this momentous event in the Bulls franchise: Luol Deng being named as an All-Star reserve.

I know that he was absolutely thrilled. Especially with all the injuries that he has sustained. He’s also the Bull with the longest tenure at this point.

Luol Deng’s Revealing Look at All-Star Status – Sam Smith
Tribune – Video, Thibs Reaction, Deng Quote

We routed the Hornets and then routed the Bobcats w/o Derrick, who is still nursing that sore back. I’ve had back spasms before and it usually takes a week to feel normal again, so I don’t know if he’ll be ready to face Boston. We’ll need him though. Boston has been playing better, although they dropped a heartbreaker at the buzzer to the Lakers on Thursday, and then lost to the Raptors tonight. Major fail for a team who’d been on a 5 game winning streak. They will be rested and ready for the Bulls though.

I’m imagining that Derrick, if healthy, will be ready to attack Rondo after Shaq wanted to claim on Thursday night, that Rondo is the “best PG in the game.” Charles, hysterically deadpanned in response: “…Is Derrick Rose dead?” (Go to the 4:48 mark in the above video to watch the whole exchange)

I know that Shaq has his opinion, and I am reasonable enough to hear dissenting opinions about my favorite players and team. I WILL say that Shaq appears to be a little too “fresh” for this analyst gig. Perhaps in a couple of years, when he has a little separation from playing the game, he will have more insightful perspective. All he does now, is talk about what player is better than another, without offering substantive/articulate analysis of any of the players that he is discussing. Its very pedestrian, and the fact that he just played with Rondo makes his analysis about Rondo being the best PG subject to a major #sideeye from me.

I WON’T be in-game tweeting for #CHIvsBOS unfortunately… They are playing at 2:30P CST on ABC. I have an industry event to attend Sunday afternoon. I’ll see what I can scrape off of Twitter when I get back in though. Take care Bulls fans and congratulations again, Luol Deng!


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2 Responses to Luol Deng Named An All-Star Reserve

  1. tintin says:

    Well, Shaq doesn’t know what he’s talkin’ about.. Of course he will Rondo coz that’s he’s teammate.. Sheesh Shaq! Study ur notes first before making comments,i.e. if u have one.. Speaking of DRose’s back spasms, im really worried… coz last time he went to the locker room during nets game, he’s holding his lumbar area and its difficult to deal with lumbar pain.. hope that our Captain feels better the soonest!! Though the team’s playing great at the moment but still it’s diff when Rose’s presence is there.. Rip also get well soon!!
    On a lighter note, I am so proud and very happy for Luol!! Finally, all the hardships he’d been through paid off.. I think Luol is in his 8th season as a Bull and yes thanks to the org, they didn’t trade Luol and made the right choice for keeping him.. Well, Im hoping for the best for the CHiCAGO BULLS! I BULL-ieve that 2012 will be their year!! Keep it up guys! Take one game and win it at a time!!

  2. chitownbulls says:

    Yeah, it is. But you know what I had back spasms before that were horrible. I couldn’t walk. I laid on a heating pad for two days and took inflammatory drugs. I didn’t feel like myself again for about a week or two. I am confident that it will go away, but the treatment HAS to be coupled with rest. We might beat Boston w/o him who knows? SO SO happy for Lu!

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