Philly Routs Chicago; on to MSG to Face Embattled Knicks

Bulls lay another egg. This one similar to Atlanta beating… I don’t know what happens to the Bulls starters in these games, but they were mercifully benched in the  4th quarter.

I had nightmares of Iggy dunking all over the Bulls and those dreams would come true. We really miss Deng and Rip and I’m not sure how we survive for another long and rough stretch without them. Especially Deng.

What the Bulls have left... They are in a position that they NEED to win their remaining road games.

The story of the Sixers game was basically the third quarter, where they were outscored 26-11. 26-11. Bulls sleptwalk through this one and with the loss Philadelphia handed us on our home floor last season, I’m not sure what the Bulls were thinking going into this one. They KNEW they were good, and that they have been beasts THIS season. Like the Atlanta game, the Bulls just DIDN’T have it. I know that they are relieved they can play tonight to distance themselves quickly from that performance. I see the Bulls winning convincingly against the Knicks and not worried about that game at all. Melo will obviously need to be contained, but I think the overall discipline and defense that the Bulls have will be what they rely on, especially on the road.

We met the Knicks last season very close to the end of the season when Bulls were in peak condition. Since D.Rose decided to dunk all over MSG, thought I’d give Bulls fans something fun to look at since things have  NOT been pretty for use lately. Wonder if we bust out the black unis?

Anywho, I’ll be in-game tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog and will get back on my old style of posting once I get caught up with work.


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One Response to Philly Routs Chicago; on to MSG to Face Embattled Knicks

  1. tintinpusta says:

    despite a heavy heart and fuming rage with last wednesday’s game, this sick and nasty dunks by our superstar somehow eased me.. hmmm not gonna talked wed’s horrible game.. haha.. on the otherside, i missed 3 quarters of the Bulls-Knicks last night and too bad for me coz i didnt see another spectacular moves by the one and only DRoSe.. and thank God for highlights compilation i might be able tk savor late reaction Lol.. just happy they bounced back and got the Win! By the way, forgot to mention i was so high with JB21! That was huge! i saw an article earlier about Lu and Jim’s lil convo.. Awww veteran encouraging rook! #Brotherhood! Well, can’t wait this Sat against Bucks and think the guys are still in UC because Bulls fans dominate BC… c yah tom and God bless!! Keepsafe:)

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