DRose Plays Crazy in Road Win Over Wizards, Visit Philly Tonight

Derrick was quoted before the game (while musing over the tough loss in South Beach) that the events have made him a “hungrier” player and that he planned to go a little “crazy” in this game. Well, he did just that. I fear that his aggression might take the Bulls back to a place where they stand around and watch D.Rose vs. ready to make a play on their own. Best thing that I saw in this game was Noah, getting the ball from a backcourt-trapped D.Rose, pushing it into the front court and making PLAYS. That’s what he’s gotta do. As good as D.Rose is (and I mean it when I say that, I think he’s a once-in-a-generation type player), he can be stopped by elite defenses. Especially in the playoffs… Bulls eyes have to be on post-season success and not just regular season domination.

Sorry I haven’t been giving you the regular, packed and jammed previews and reactions. I am in the wedding industry and this is now the busiest part of my season. I’ll try to get some drafts done this weekend to stay better ahead of this road trip.

Bulls face Philly tonight and that game really, really deserves a write-up. Bottom line, Philly is a great team, are well-coached and matchup well with the Bulls. They beat us last season rather easily on our home floor.

Here are some game previews from some of my favorite resources. Please enjoy these while I play catch up! I’ll be in-game tweeting the Philly game from @ChiTwnBullsBlog

Let’s go Bulls fans! Bulls might struggle in this one. Philly has a revitalized crowd, and know this win would shine the spotlight on their ballclub as they are currently battling Indiana Pacers for title of “most improved” “most feared” “team you don’t want to meet in the playoffs” etc.


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