Bulls Lose Winnable Game To Heat 97-93, Face Wizards Tonight

Yep, I was upset about Bulls losing to the Heat but that wasn’t the only reason this update is coming so late. I’ve gotten swamped with work so not sure HOW I’m going to keep providing the nice detailed previews, reactions and color stories! Thanks for your patience with me, I know a lot of you stopped by earlier and saw old info. I’ll just do a more casual summary this time because Bulls fans know what happened by now.

Well, you know Derrick tried yesterday. Those missed FT’s were an anomaly, an isolated incident. I don’t want to say they were a choke job. I WILL say that Derrick has a HUGE emotional stake in “righting the ship” as it were against this team. He might not be operating as detached as he usually does. I mean, I’ve seen him, without a lot of perceived emotion, casually dispatch other opponents… Might be thinking a little more than he usually does facing Miami.

I am also convinced that he just hasn’t flexed his MVP muscle like he had to last year. I mean think about it. He was option 1, 1A and 1B during the MVP campaign so you think he just got used to doing everything, all the time. This season’s Bulls, while not perfect, HAVE taken pressure off of Derrick. Rip’s made plays, Deng’s stronger than he’s ever been. Ronnie’s shots are falling at a decent clip (recent chill notwithstanding, he stepped up and shot 50% from the field in Miami, THANK YOU BREW), Boozer has helped out against the less elite teams, but hey those teams still need to be beaten and its helped Derrick out tremendously.

Specific reasons why I hate this loss:

  • The win was right there to be had.
  • Derrick makes his FT’s in the 4Q, LeBron doesn’t. I would have loved for the media narrative to be more along the lines of “…LeBron, this is how you do it.”
  • Derrick’s 34pt. effort and highlight reel get pushed to the side for a silly LeBron James dunk where he climbs the back of John Lucas, III.
  • It gives the media a chance to say the the Heat are the best in the NBA and they didn’t do anything to close Chicago out.
  • Derrick feels bad… You know he’s worked super hard over the past summer, a lockout summer at that, and has probably envisioned this moment hundreds of times.
  • We kept the game this close with a hugely subpar game from Booz (and that’s putting it mildly), limited contributions from a hobbled Rip and no Lieutenant Deng or CJ Watson.

Key Quotes:

Derrick sadly reflects on the loss from Chicago Tribune (K.C. Johnson)

Sideline Skinny:

  • C.J. Watson was a late scratch from the game with a sore wrist
  • LBJ climbed the back of John Lucas, III on a dunk and ESPN couldn’t stop talking about it. Lisa Salters actually showed him a clip on an iPad during the sideline post-game interview and asked him to break it down.
  • Rip was a game time decision and obviously played, but he wasn’t 100% His production has been stellar when that groin injury hasn’t flared up, for what it is worth.
  • The Miami Heat wore their black unis and the Bulls wore their home whites


Game 2 of the 9 game road trip is in Washington to face the Wizards… 6:00p CST on WGN

I’ll be in-game tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog! Let’s go Bulls, and rebound from that “L” down in South Beach!


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2 Responses to Bulls Lose Winnable Game To Heat 97-93, Face Wizards Tonight

  1. tintinpusta says:

    We actually won that game! (if not for those … nevermind!) The game itself proved how potent the BULLS are.. If Deng was there, it’s a different story! I salute JLuc3! Hugs for him! Media just overreacted again how Mr. Cocky blah-blah-blah! Heat proved they’re number one in PowerRankings of ARROGANCE! UNDERDOGS will prevail… and can’t wait for that to happen!!

  2. chitownbulls says:

    I know, they are sickening and for LeBron to look back at JL3 as a potential stare down, and this kid is a 3rd string point guard with one start under his belt was silly and unprofessional. I know DRose has spoiled us, but really, how many years do you have to play before you are not overly excited about something that, while entertaining, is part of the game and only worth 2 pts? I guess it gets them going. –ct

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