Bulls Pound Bucks In The Paint For Ugly Win

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Obviously, with Bogut missing this contest, all eyes were on who would win the rebounding and points in the paint war between the two teams. The Bulls had the advantage and did pound the Bucks on both the glass and in the paint.

  • Rebounds – 50/43
  • Paint Points – 42/30

Shot Chart - Bucks at Bulls

Game Notes:

  • D.Rose’s game was a throwback to the MVP campaign of last season, with him looking to drive the ball and score. Only 4 of his 14 made FGs were outside the paint. Yeah, he can still do that too.
  • Brandon Jennings challenged Derrick from the 1st quarter, looking to score like he’s done in the past few games. He’ll likely do this more and more now that Bogut is out. Derrick seemed to take it personally as he and Brandon first dueled, but then in the second half, either Jennings seemed to fold or Derrick shut him down, it wasn’t clear to me… Derrick said that they just contested his shots in the second half, but Brandon was sure making some heavily contested shots in the 1st half, so not sure what happened there.
  • Noah had a MONSTER game. 15 pts. 16 rebs. (8 of them offensive) 3 blocks 3 stls and 4 assists in 33 minutes. Great to see this activity from him. I can only hope he has such a “high-activity” game from him on Sunday against the Heat.
  • Booz was decent, but you just thought he would dominate more inside. Lots of finesse shots at the rim which end up as misses. You just hope he’d go up stronger.
  • Ronnie’s jumpshot has cooled off. I was in denial about this, but @Mers13 pointed it out last night and its true. He finished up 2-13 for 8pts. It pains me too. Love his activity, but with the injuries and this 9 game road trip, Bulls are going to need guys to hit open shots in the worst way. Ronnie’s jumpshot going south, coupled with Korver’s inconsistency really adds concern about an already shaky offense.
  • C.J. was better at 5-11, but how could he be worse after going 0-6 in the Indiana loss? Thibs also looked to tinker with a CJ/Rose backcourt with C.J. at shooting guard. Maybe we’ll see more, who knows?
In Game Tweets:

Sideline Skinny:

  • Rip Hamilton was a late scratch. Looks like he re-injured the groin. He did go down in the Pacers contest with a thigh bruise, so perhaps that contact helped to re-aggravate it.
  • Deng was part of the pre-game and said in the interview that he was still a week away, so the rumors about Deng insisting on being back in the lineup for Sunday look to be just that – rumors.

Key Quotes:

  • Derrick Rose – “…In the shootaround, Thibs was just showing me film of me attacking… That’s what I tried to do tonight.”
  • Brandon Jennings – “I’m just trying to get up to play everybody… I was so terrible last season, I’ve got a lot to prove.”
  • Carlos Boozer – “…Honestly, we just kind of fed off Derrick because he was so aggressive to start the game.”

What’s Next?:

Miami Heat, Sunday in South Beach. 2:30p CST on ABC.

This game tips off a 9-game road trip for the Bulls. Not only have they played a league-high 21 games, they now look to go on a league-high 9 game road trip. Really? I’ll be doing an extended preview of the Miami game and also a preview of the trip. Can’t think of a better time  or way to bundle the games onto one blog entry because they are simply coming too fast and furious!

Take care Bulls fans… I’m getting ready to go on with the air with @TheSportsChica to talk Bulls! I’ll be on at 3:15CST so check it out!


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