Bulls Host D.Will and Nets Tonight – Who Plays?

Like I shared in my Bobcats game recap, the Bulls injuries are piling up:

Current Gossip on Bulls Injuries

(Note: In some cases, players are making predictions about when they will come back and I have no idea what part the coaching and medical staff play in actually re-activating a player… After Rip coming back to early to play the Pistons and then missing the next EIGHT games, they are likely being cautious) :

John Lucas – sat on the bench for the Charlotte contest in street clothes, but said that he would most likely be back in the lineup and ready to play on Monday.

Taj Gibson – experienced a high ankle sprain and in both basketball and football… Its thought to be a significant injury. The Heat’s Chalmers was diagnosed with this in the summer of 2010 and had to wear a cast for 2-4 weeks, yikes! We’ll see how this pans out… Tough, tough loss.

Joakim Noah – I suspected that Noah just wanted a breather and Thibs wanted to tinker with the starting lineup anyway. This was the perfect scenario in which to do it. I expect him back tonight (my own little prediction). If not, then the ankle sprain is worse than normal. The sprains for bigs affect them worse than guards though. Carlos sat out a couple of weeks last season after a sprain.

Derrick Rose – The MVP is getting restless… You almost saw it coming as he refused to put a suit back on for the Charlotte game, opting to wear his warmups and a gym shoe (that’s a Chicago term for sneaker, btw) with the laces undone so his toe could breathe. Strong rumors in Chicago that he’ll play. Pros: Nice warmup before Indiana who will look to attack him mercilessly on Wednesday. Cons: Even if we drop a game, we’ve got such a nice cushion it won’t matter in the long run. Also, what if he’s not ready to come back and has to sit out against Miami? Hawks and Bucks showed that they are vulnerable at home… Derrick must play in that game. #messagetime

Luol Deng – I heard he got an MRI on his wrist and the results haven’t come back yet. I think Deng should sit down. He’s logged a bunch of time, sit him down already and put Jimmy Butler in the rotation. He should have seen more time anyway against these below .500 teams. He’s just as good as some of these other rookies I see out there. This is a 4 year guy from Marquette for God’s sakes Thibs!


Point Guard Deron Williams Jordan Farmar Sundiata Gaines
Shooting Guard MarShon Brooks Anthony Morrow
Small Forward DeShawn Stevenson Shawne Williams Larry Owens Damion James
Power Forward Kris Humphries Shelden Williams
Center Mehmet Okur Johan Petro Jordan Williams Brook Lopez

Deron Williams, like Dwight Howard has a short list of teams he’s interested in. He also is lobbying for Howard to come to the Nets. Can’t blame him, but is seems silly to try to deal for Dwight when Orlando is exceeding expectations and New Jersey has nosedived in the wake of losing Brook Lopez to a broken foot.

Derrick always enjoys this matchup and regularly overmatches Deron. My friend likes to say D.Rose is either too big, too strong or too fast vs. other point guards. Against Deron he’s definitely too fast and strong:

Morrow and Marshon Brooks are scorers for New Jersey that will need to be contained. DeShawn Stevenson, it goes without saying can hit the three. Kris Humphries is an energizer bunny at the rim for offensive rebounds. Asik will be the only one that can match his effort on the boards if we have to go without both Noah and Taj. The Bulls must gang rebound. The Nets team stats are disturbing and indicative of their 5-12 record.

  • Nets are 28th in the league in FG% – .413
  • Nets allow teams to shoot league-highs in both FG% – .486 and 3FG% – .430

We’ll see how tonight turns out. I’ll be in-game tweeting from @ChiTwnBullsBlog and I cannot lie, I’ve missed seeing the MVP play and would be thrilled if he can go tonight.

Take care Bulls fans!


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2 Responses to Bulls Host D.Will and Nets Tonight – Who Plays?

  1. tintinpusta says:

    what is happening to the team??? 7 injured players at the early start of the season.. and thank God Rip and CJ are doing well.. i was worried about D.. He said something about not 100% this season.. oh my!! Prayin’ hardbthat all of them get well the soonest and best if health throughout the season.. No more injuries starting today!! On a brighter side, these compiled injuries teach a lesson for the team.. Despite being shorthanded, continue to play and fight hard as one unit.. A huge step up for every player is a must.. Somebody should tell Coach Thibs to let Jimmy Butler play.. I BULL-ieve this guy can really contribute if given more playtime.. Hopin and prayin for a healthier BULLS!!! God bless you guys!! Go BULLS!!!

  2. chitownbulls says:

    I know… Hopefully Jimmy will FINALLY see some time with Deng out. We need ALL HANDS on deck come playoff time and I want Jimmy to have some big games so Thibs can trust him. You think Lucas gets any significant time w/o that insane starting opportunity? Thibs knows he can trust him w/minutes now, so no problem. I hope everyone gets better, this is insane. But really its all over the league, the injury rpts. are crazy.


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