D.Rose Still Hurt, Grizz Get Revenge


Wow… Bulls were obviously unprepared for the showdown in Memphis on MLK Day. I said in my game preview that:

  • Rudy Gay has been applying facials all over the league
  • Memphis is one of the best at playing the passing lanes and getting deflections
  • Grizz would be seeking revenge after the POUNDING they got in Chicago on New Year’s Day

I made these observations and I am no scout, have nary a press credential and as a sportswriter, am junior at best… These facts beg the question: What were they thinking?

Bulls need to get focused because Derrick needs to sit. Period.

In defense of the Bulls, Derrick has such an impact on the court and gets soooo much attention from opposing defenses, I’m sure the entire approach to the game has to be insanely different… They’ll need to play a few more games without him to adjust to that difference. I think its good for them actually because I’d rather our team be at full strength for both the upcoming Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers contests. We can drop a few more, I really do not care at all. Last season taught us that regular season dominance does not equal playoff success. PLEASE rest the toe (and the franchise), its not that serious.

I’m not even going to get into too much detail about the pounding we got because I’m too disgusted, plus I’ve got to preview Phoenix/Bulls later. C.J. came back into the lineup and managed 17 pts, Deng got a quiet 20… Taj, Asik and Lucas did great, can’t ask for more than what they did. Ronnie could have shot the ball better, and Noah just had an off game. He should have gotten help though with Rudy cuz dude obviously lost sleep over the 40 pt. drubbing we gave em in the UC. Like Golden State, we won’t see them again this season so bye bye Memphis and good luck in the playoffs.

I’ll be back with the game preview closer to game time. I gotta scoot out.

Til’ later Bulls fans!


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