Chicago Bulls Top (Almost) Every NBA Power Ranking List I Could Find

You knew it was coming. Yes, the season is young, but with the Bulls commanding wins this past week, there is NO OTHER TEAM more deserving of a top spot on the various NBA ranking lists that keep track of such things. I DID find OKC at the top of two lists (side eye), so of course those didn’t make the cut.

See, I like the Thunder, but they are not a smarter team than the Chicago Bulls. We obviously overmatch them at the point guard position (similar physical skill sets shared between Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose not withstanding), and our bench and front court is superior. Analysts prefer their brand of basketball (high flying dunks, a dynamic and thrilling scoring tandem in Russ and KD) vs. the Bulls, who play an often ugly, grind out every possession, “defense first” type ball.

Lets go ahead and not be afraid to bask in this moment because:

  1. Things change so quickly in this league
  2. The games are coming at a non-stop pace
  3. The Chicago Bulls are pretty much snubbed nationally. Basketball sportstalk is usually focused on the Heat, the Lakers, OKC and now the Clips.

Go Bulls… Keep it going! SO PROUD!


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2 Responses to Chicago Bulls Top (Almost) Every NBA Power Ranking List I Could Find

  1. tintinpusta says:

    Never mind those dissing the BULLS! Its just a distraction.. Just lime DRose shared he doesnt delve into the stats..We don’t care about their sayin’ … We just want to win.. A Win is a Win no matter how easy, hard, ugly, or whatever… One Win at a time until championship! Go BULLS!

  2. tintinpusta says:

    sorry for the typos.. *like*

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