Bulls at Magic: Game Preview

Time to meet DH12 and the Orlando Magic… Talk about a tale of two ball clubs… I guess it goes without saying that the Magic are probably not going to move Dwight. What viable deal is really out there? The Bulls aren’t on his short list, Brook Lopez’s injury takes the Nets (on his preferred list) off the table. There is an outside chance for the Lakers and with the way Bynum is playing, it looks like a good move.

Can I just say though that I’m glad he doesn’t want to come to the Bulls? I know that he possesses freakish athleticism, and analysts who know much more than myself say we would be all but guaranteed a title if we could get him, but are we convinced his character/make-up is really consistent with Chicago? Chicago is a city of hard workers… We’re “snow-tough”, we don’t make excuses and we’re not a cocky bunch. I feel that Derrick has carried this aura to the Bulls because he is a native of this great city and he runs that team. Joakim mentioned recently that Derrick’s always talking about the city too, which he thinks is “cool.” I mean, just to get rid of Noah, Boozer and possibly Deng to get this defensive specimen which MAY or MAY NOT have a winning mentality is just too big of a gamble. I’m firmly against it.

Last time we faced Orlando, we didn’t face off against Dwight because he was serving a 0ne-game suspension after getting his 18th technical foul. He was also the NBA statistician’s pick for MVP. At the time of this visit, we were leading the East and D.Rose was peaking and appearing to be unstoppable. To add to the MVP drama, not long before the contest, John Hollinger famously penned an ESPN insider article entitled: The Truth About the Derrick Rose Story. It basically endorsed Dwight Howard as the most irreplaceable player in the league, and that Derrick Rose was simply the best story. The NBA community was buzzing about the story, and subsequent articles began popping up all over the place discussing why Rose was not the real MVP of the league.

You need insider access to read article

Ten days later, the Bulls would roll into Orlando and face a Magic team ironically without his biggest MVP competition for a completely self-imposed reason… One that is not indicative of a leader. Derrick also torched the Magic for 39 Pts, 3 Reb, 5 Ast, and 1 Blk. I think Derrick, based on his quiet demeanor off the court, will have the distinction at the end of his career as a player, more than any other, that let his play do all the talking.

Check out the insane highlights from this game, which ended up being a close one:


Point Guard Jameer Nelson Chris Duhon Larry Hughes
Shooting Guard Jason Richardson J.J. Redick Von Wafer DeAndre Liggins
Small Forward Hedo Turkoglu Quentin Richardson Earl Clark
Power Forward Ryan Anderson Glen Davis Justin Harper
Center Dwight Howard Daniel Orton


Projected starting 5!

What to Look For:

  • C.J. is still expected to be out for this contest with a sprained/dislocated elbow
  • Derrick received treatment on his elbow which was banged up in the Pistons contest but is expected to play
  • Bulls bigs to use up ALL of our fouls trying to slow Dwight down…
  • Derrick’s floater… Always effective over giants in the lane
  • Ball movement. Derrick will always look to move the ball more against the Magic vs. driving since Dwight thinks its fun to try to take Derrick out at the rim
  • Noah vs. Anderson… This was a nightmare matchup for Jo. Anderson has a nice outside shot and plays far from the basket. This is hard for Jo who is usually looking to rebound. Anderson burned us last time we played them and it was because Noah blew multiple defensive assignments on this guy. He must have been playing the 5 in Dwight’s absence. I refuse to believe that they will put Booz on him, we’ll see.

We are on ESPN tonight folks… Most likely Tirico and Hubie Brown (love them). Hubie always teaches me something new about the game.

I’ll also be in-game tweeting from @Chitwnbullsblog

LET’S GO!!!!


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