Balanced Attack Against Pistons Extends Bulls Win Streak to NBA high FIVE

Game Notes:

  • Boozer had another stellar outing against the Pistons, furthering his good record against this team.
  • As I said in my game preview, I knew Noah would be looking to lock in defensively and he did. He was all over the place, blocking shots, rebounding, even took the ball coast-to-coast for a layup. Go Jo!
  • Rip looked great, finishing with 14 pts. He sent a bounce pass to Rose that was just beautiful… I love this guys playmaking ability, he just makes the game easier…
  • Deng only had 2 pts. but played great defense… The man has excellent feet, I’m telling you. I wonder how many shots he alters?
  • Derrick had some breathtaking drives in this one… I can make a mix tape of derrick already and we are only 7 games in. He also FINALLY had a nice one-handed dunk off a break.
  • Derrick and the three-ball… Everytime I’m ready to say that yes, he is a threat from out here, he has a game like this one. 0-6 bringing his 37% season average down to 31%. I’m sure his legs were tired from the battle with ATL last night and it also still doesn’t feel like he is forcing anything, so we’ll see.
  • Derrick went down awkwardly on a drive (I need to look at the replay more, but he just looks like he was knocked off balance, not fouled hard) and got x-rays on his elbow after the game. They were negative and Derrick said he would rehab it on Thursday and is confident about playing on Friday.
  • Brandon Knight was quiet and after seeing the atmosphere and overloaded backcourt, you  understand why he looked so miserable on draft night when he dropped to 8th and got picked up by the Pistons.
  • Lucas was fine as the backup point… He looks to get even more time to get comfortable in this role as C.J.’s elbow may be worse than initially thought.

Sideline Skinny:

  • Rip said that by the second quarter he was sore, but he played through the pain and will receive additional treatment on his groin on the team’s day off Thursday.
  • Looks like C.J.’s elbow is dislocated… Bummer… 4 games missed will likely turn into 2 weeks.
  • The Palace of Auburn Hills was embarrassingly empty. I thought people would come out to see the Bulls at least, but no. Seemed like a pretty depressing place to play, no wonder Rip wanted out.

What’s Next?

  • Bulls get to rest on Thursday and are back in action on Friday against the Orlando Magic… Game preview soon.
  • You get the feeling that DH12 will want to get this win, especially after losing to a team like the Pistons. Unacceptable for an alleged playoff contender.

Take care til’ next time Bulls fans…


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