Bulls Hope To Extend Winning Streak In Motown

Its time for the surreal return of “Piston turned Bull” Rip Hamilton to the Palace of Auburn Hills… Funnily enough, Rip torched us the last time we played them for 30 pts. They actually would have won this game if not for some clutch play by Kurt Thomas and maybe D.Rose, I can’t remember, but we held off their rally.

I always think of the Pistons as a team of guards… Many of which are capable of getting hot. This spells trouble for the Bulls as we face former Bull Ben Gordon, who just dropped 26pts on the Orlando Magic in a recent win. Teams like this, that love to shoot and get into the open court will always be a problem for the Bulls in case we begin the game slowly. It will be important to not try to trade baskets with a team like this. We need to contest their jump shooters early and often… Hopefully we can build a healthy lead early on. It would be refreshing after last night’s contest.

Detroit did NOT play last night, so they will have fresher legs and will also be looking to extend their win streak to 3. This will also be my first chance to see rookie Brandon Knight. Their earlier contests were unwatchable as I have been completely uninterested in their opponents.


Point Guard Rodney Stuckey Brandon Knight Will Bynum
Shooting Guard Ben Gordon Damien Wilkins
Small Forward Tayshaun Prince Austin Daye
Power Forward Jonas Jerebko Jason Maxiell Charlie Villanueva Vernon Macklin
Center Greg Monroe Ben Wallace


I’m going to go ahead and predict that Rip goes tonight. Thibs should still limit his minutes if he goes.

  • Hopefully Ronnie will find his shot again and give us some scoring off the bench. We really needed him to be on last night and he sadly went 2-8.
  • Let’s watch both Deng and Rose to see if they look worse for the wear and tear they went through last night.
  • Noah should be looking to redeem himself by being more locked in defensively.
  • Boozer usually always posts big numbers against Detroit, even dating back to Utah, so lets see if that trend continues.

Pre-game is at 6:00pm CST and game time is 6:30pm CST on CSN…

See you on the other side Bulls Fans!!!


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2 Responses to Bulls Hope To Extend Winning Streak In Motown

  1. tintin says:

    Yey! For the Big WIN!!!

  2. chitownbulls says:

    Yes, I’m hoping for a CONVINCING win… I can’t take another game like last night… #heartattack

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