Bulls at Clippers: Full D.Rose Highlights (Points and Assists)

Just came from NBA.com looking up a live score, when I stumbled into the Top 10 plays from Friday night. I played the clip, just to see Derrick at Staples again. Wouldn’t you know, CP3’s crossover made the top 10, but NONE of Derrick’s stellar plays made the cut. Miami, it goes w/o saying had multiple spots on the list.

Its ok. Like I said before. D. Rose has stated emphatically that he only cares about winning basketball games, so how can I be upset?

I thought for sure though, if there WAS going to be an isolation play taken from that game it would have been this one:

or this one:

Anywho… Since I do have somewhat of a forum here, albeit a small audience, I thought I would go ahead and post ALL of Derrick’s highlights from the Clippers game. We all saw it… We all know it happened and until the beginning of the Conference Semi Finals when a new League MVP is announced, Derrick is the incumbent. Have a great New Year everyone!


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2 Responses to Bulls at Clippers: Full D.Rose Highlights (Points and Assists)

  1. tintin pusta says:

    We have the same sentiments.. Very good points..

  2. chitownbulls says:

    Yeah, its starting to be sickening… I know he’s only going into his 4th season, but he has EARNED his place among the elites.

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