Bulls at Sacramento: Game Preview

Both the Bulls and the Kings enter this game with 1-1 records

Let’s just get this one out of the way before I preview the Bulls game tonight… Highlight from last season. Instant crossover classic that will live on in YouTube infamy:

Sorry, I love that clip!

Well, the Bulls get a chance to “right” the ship… Of course, we are not the only team struggling a little bit. There are currently nine teams that are winless with one of the most notable being the Celtics who are still without Pierce (bruised heel).

Anywho, here is the skinny on the Kings. I’ve gotten a chance to see them play twice this week. Once against the Lakers where they won and then their subsequent loss against Portland. Bulls have mostly dominated this team with the exception of the infamous comeback win on Chicago’s home floor that Derrick remembered when they finally played them again the following season.

They have looked rather spunky early on with a HUGE win over the Lakers, but then came the trap game against Portland that they lost (tied at the half but then blown out). There are a few reasons Kings fans can be excited this season:

Jimmer Fredette – The Jimmer! He has a wonderful, pure shot that is only going to get better. Already a fan favorite, this rook is going to sell tickets. Perfect guy to kick the ball out to from the post, but he looks to be able to get his own shot. Comfortably. This guy is not scared at all and is getting decent minutes…

Marcus Thornton – He was all over the place in the Laker’s win… Penetrating, hitting big shots, feeding the bigs.  Had a decent game in the loss against Portland, but shots weren’t falling. He must be slowed down, especially at home.

DeMarcus Cousins – Looks to be a smarter player this season. He is taking better shots and is using his size the way he is supposed to. I expect some chippiness tonight with him and Noah.

Sacramento Kings Depth Chart

Point Guard Tyreke Evans Jimmer Fredette Isaiah Thomas
Shooting Guard Marcus Thornton Francisco Garcia
Small Forward John Salmons Travis Outlaw Tyler Honeycutt
Power Forward Chuck Hayes J.J. Hickson Donte Greene Hassan Whiteside
Center DeMarcus Cousins Jason Thompson

Bulls Projected Starting Five: 2011-12 NBA Season

Key Reserves: 2011-12 Season

Key Reserves Back Up: 2011-12 Season

Will the Bulls be rusty? Should we expect a snarling, ready, aggressive D.Rose? I will be watching the offense closely to see how it unfolds and how everyone responds to Derrick’s aggressiveness… I’m hoping for easy baskets, ball and player movement. This might also be our first chance to see how Rip really fits in with the type of ball the Bulls played last season.

Tune in to watch the game at 9:00 p.m. CST on Comcast SportsNet and listen live on ESPN 1000 AM.

See you on the other side Bulls fans and LET’S GO!!!!


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