Bulls at Golden State: Game Preview

Hey, look its one of my favorite scoring tandems in the NBA… Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry… One of my basketball fantasies included having Stephen in the back court with Rose, moving Stephen to the 2. Sigh, perfect rainbows all day baby. Came to my senses though since a.) we would have never gotten him and b.) that backcourt would have been too small to compete. Love his game though, and he seems to be a great teammate. Even Monta with his well-documented problems has my admiration.

Golden State snapped a six-game winning streak last time we faced them, in Oakland back in Feb 2011

Last time we faced GSW, they wisely decided to swarm Derrick and force others on the team to make plays to beat them… Playbook sounds familiar right? Golden State was among the first to find success with this formula. I remember watching this game, screaming at the television because the Bulls actually tried to outscore GSW vs. ferociously defending them and running their offense. The Chicago Bulls, even as currently constructed, will never be able to outscore a team as offensively potent as Golden State. Ain’t happening, sorry.

As we roll into town this season, GS will be more defensive-minded than before because of new coach Mark Jackson. I will say since the season is still in its infancy, hearing defense preached and going through drills for a couple of weeks is vastly different than having “D” as a foundation to your entire system.  Advantage based on muscle memory alone: Bulls.

Random observations:

  • I project Golden State to be more potent as the season goes on so thankfully the Bulls are only facing them once this year.
  • It should be noted that GSW fell to the Clippers on Christmas and neither Stephen or Monta shot the ball well. I don’t expect the same from them tonight, so our perimeter defense will have to be on point.
  • Coach Mark Jackson said after this game that the current identity/culture of GSW is one of “spurts”. He is obviously trying to change that…
  • Both Golden State and the Bulls will obviously be playing their second game  in two nights, so we will see who wants it more…
  • Bulls should guard against not having an emotional let down after winning the close game in Lakertown
  • The Bulls will want some payback for last season… GSW snapped a 6 game winning streak with that 101 – 90 win, and we all know that Derrick makes a list and checks it twice…

Chicago Bulls Projected Starting 5: 2011-12 NBA Season

Chicago Bulls Key Reserves: 2011-12 NBA Season

Key Reserves back ups: Fingers crossed that Jimmy can crack the rotation as the season progresses!

Golden State Projected Starting Lineup + Key Reserves:

Point Guard Stephen Curry Charles Jenkins
Shooting Guard Monta Ellis Klay Thompson
Small Forward Dorell Wright Brandon Rush
Power Forward David Lee Ekpe Udoh
Center Andris Biedrins Kwame Brown

GAME TIME: ORACLE Arena, Oakland, CA at 9:30PM CST on WGN

I refuse to try to predict these early match-ups because I don’t know WHAT to expect… GSW matchups are even tougher to call because if they stay in the game, like Phoenix, they always have a chance to win because they are not scared to take (and can make) big shots. Go Bulls! Start a streak out West!

See you on the other side Bulls fans!


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2 Responses to Bulls at Golden State: Game Preview

  1. I wonder what Steph Curry would’ve done if he had to play against Allen Iverson 10 years ago? He’d need ankle reconstruction surgery

  2. chitownbulls says:

    Yeah, he tweaked it again in the game… Probably came back too early…

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