The NBA Community is Anxious to Crown Another MVP

Guess what? Derrick Rose has more on his mind than winning a second MVP trophy.

I LOVE Chris Webber. While watching the NBA Season Preview special tonight that aired on NBA TV, Chris simply stated that while D. Rose might have a chance at again winning the MVP trophy, he doesn’t think that’s really what he wants. I completely agree… I believe that Derrick laid the now infamous “Why not?” gauntlet down last season for two reasons:

  • By his own admission upon accepting the award, he stated that he said it to push himself
  • To re-insert the Chicago Bulls back into the discussion of elite teams (They are not getting much press as the season opens thanks to “Lob” City, but at least in most of the East breakdowns/season previews I’ve read they don’t dare list the Bulls lower than 2nd)

Current screenshot from ESPN... I think its laughable that they purposely don't picture D. Rose. Is he NOT good enough of a player to win back-to-back MVP Trophies?

Now a new set of challenges face Derrick Rose and the Bulls:

  1. Re-establishing who they are as a team. The 62-win season is over and now, they will need to slowly build momentum and dominate teams once again.
  2. Fully incorporating Rip Hamilton into the roster.
  3. Understanding Derrick’s role on the team beyond obvious leader… How will he insert himself on a nightly basis? With more weapons, better passing and a stronger pick and roll game, D. Rose is no longer in a “must score” position unless the game is on the line… He will have to determine what the best play is, when to pass and when to score the ball.
  4. Getting past the Miami Heat in a best of 7 series

With these very real challenges in front of the Bulls, I just don’t feel like Derrick wants to add yet another individual accolade to this daunting list. Sure, from what we know about him, he definitely wants to be the best, but I think team chemistry and winning basketball games will be his main focus this season.

Having said all of that, I just think its funny that so many pundits are so anxious to crown a new MVP. Will it finally be league darling CP3, or young upstart and 2-time scoring champ Kevin Durant? Heck, they are EVEN unearthing Lebron James. Perhaps dusting off James as a front runner reveals a season storyline that is just too good to resist… Think about it… He “regains” the MVP trophy, some of his “good guy” appeal AND finally brings home another championship to South Beach. Yup, I guess those articles would write themselves.

Next up, I’m previewing Lakers/Bulls and can’t WAIT to have an NBA Christmas!!! Til’ later Bulls fans…


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