Rip Hamilton Shines in First Game With Chicago Bulls

Box Score

Game Notes:

  • The Bulls had 30 assists tonight on 39 field goals… Wow.
  • Boozer definitely redeemed himself OFFENSIVELY tonight… Tyler Hansbrough still went off for 24 points and 13 rebounds (he needed 19 shots though), but Boozer managed 24 points on 11-17 shooting… He also grabbed 7 rebounds and was the Bulls leading scorer. Rip contributed to some easy baskets for Booz.
  • Rip Hamilton was a revelation… I don’t know if he was all that special or if we simply haven’t seen an adequate SG/running partner for Rose til’ now… No disrespect to Keith Bogans, but to see them run together was special and they are not even fine-tuned yet. I’m absolutely giddy.
  • Rose AGAIN drew two early fouls and had to sit for extended periods. I’m not sure if he’s just being overzealous since he’s more focused on defense this season, or if the refs are giving us a peek of what’s to come. Whoa, we need him on the floor… I’m HOPING this doesn’t translate into the regular season.
  • Noah was a BEAST down low with 5 blocks on the evening… So much for the “…he can’t guard me” garbage Roy Hibbert was spouting in game 1. Also, its preseason, get outta here Roy…
  • Jimmy Butler made it into the game for a pitiful 17 seconds… Here we go. I can understand a seasoned vet like Kurt Thomas staying ready and being able to just go in as needed after sitting for weeks, but isn’t this a bit much to ask of a rook? Hopefully Jimmy can stay frosty cuz’ I love this kid.
  • Foul trouble for the bigs… Noah had 5, Boozer 4 and Taj ended up fouling out… I miss Kurt and I definitely think we will need to end up signing a big as backup/insurance.
  • Lieutenant Deng had his customary quiet/efficient game… He was 1-5 from 3 though and I’m not sure when he’s going to heat up from beyond the arc. He stated that he worked on it this summer.
  • Consistency again was not a friend to C.J. Watson who went 1-4 in 20 minutes after nearly leading the Bulls in scoring in Game 1.

Key Quotes:

  • Hamilton on playing with Rose: “…I haven’t played with a guy as fast as him. Usually, I’m the guy outrunning everybody.”
  • Boozer on Rip’s fit with the team: “…He can shoot, he makes great plays out of the floppy action, great passer, good defender… perfect fit”
  • Greg Anthony (NBA TV) recapping the Indy/Bulls game and Rip’s first outing: “…This is one of, if not the best, starting 5 in the NBA.”
  • Chris Webber (NBA TV) on his former teammate Rip Hamilton: “…This was the most underrated, again the most underrated offseason free agent addition.”

Sideline Skinny:

  • Rip was PUMPED when he was introduced! I wasn’t ready for this… He looked charged and he played that way too! Love Rip for this team!
  • Lindsay Hunter was said to be in the audience scouting for another team, and also to lend support to Rip.
  • Rip and Rose were seen laughing and talking on the bench during the 4th quarter. Just looking relaxed and you can tell that they seem very comfortable already.
  • The United Center was a sell out and the crowd cheered loudly for Rip. Seemed just as loud as they do during the regular season.
  • The media was buzzing about news of Derrick committing to a $94.8MM 5year extension with the Bulls. D. Rose downplayed it though and told reporters he would answer questions more fully in a press conference tomorrow, scheduled for 11AM CST. Not sure if it will air on CSN or not, but I do know that it will stream live on Bulls TV so don’t miss it!

Tweets that made me smile during the game:

Now its time to get ready for the West Coast swing. SO glad we are opening up on the road. The team can bond, and I’m hoping our 2 appearances at Staples Center (the first being the Lakers on Christmas Day) and then to the “new” Clippers on Friday, 12.30, will play out like a three pointer being hit, stopping a team’s run. Just want to remind everyone over there about the MVP that the media has ignored.

Til’ next time Bulls fans! –ct

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