Ready For the Season…

Finally getting this blog off the ground. I already have a blog for my business, so I must be insane to begin this one. Will only update when I can, however I DO want to preview the bigger matchups and do post-game recaps.

So far, as this shortened NBA season starts, all of the talk is focused yet again on the Miami Heat. This is one team that is certainly, especially after their failures last year, championship or bust. Let’s see if they make it back.

After Miami, its the Lakers and Dallas. This disrespectful tone led Derrick Rose to state during Media Day on 12.11 that he guessed everyone forgot that we won 62 games (a league best) last season. Not only did the Chicago Bulls manage to win the most games in either Conference, they were the only team to defeat all other 29 teams at least once. Thanks to an MVP campaign by Rose, a stingy defense and a determined coach, the Bulls clawed their way to the Eastern Conference Finals.

I look forward to chronicling their journey this season. I’ll do my best to keep up with the frenetic pace of these games!

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– Christy Toney


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