Chicago Bulls Promo Video: Hunger

I thought this video was so appropriate to post. I have been taking in all of the CP3 to Clippers footage and I can’t quite believe all of the hoopla. Yes, it was a saga, but at the same time some of the declarations are pretty far fetched. Some pundits have the Clippers as a top 4 team, the new contenders with OKC in the Western Conference Finals, etc.

The most amazing thing that I witnessed however when watching ESPN’s coverage was the “notable” matchups coming for the Clips. Unbelievably, they listed GSW on 12.25 and then jumped all the way to 01.14 to the Lakers. Hello? Is the MVP of the league and obvious challenger of the title “best PG in the NBA” NOT coming to Staples Arena on Friday, 12.30? This will also mark the Clips first game at home. I know I don’t have a press credential, but I think that’s a notable game for sure.

Things that I’m sure of:

  • Derrick Rose will be ready to play.
  • The Chicago Bulls are underdogs once again.
  • Let this crazy, condensed ride of a season begin and here’s to hoping everyone in a Chicago uniform remains healthy.


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2 Responses to Chicago Bulls Promo Video: Hunger

  1. Kelvin Muni says:

    Thankyou for helping out, good info .

  2. Kerry Muina says:

    I really like your writing style, great info , thankyou for putting up : D.

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